Sunday, February 28, 2010

Make ur own fancy labels..

Okay, I finally learned how to do this.. All by myself, lol .. I'm just giddy about all the designs I can make.. First of all you will need some designer resources.. I purchased these lovely label masks from Delicious Scraps.. Soo, open up ur Gimp, make a new file at 300px by 225px, and make ur background transparent.. Open up the paper you want to use, I like to use the Rectangle Select Tool to cut out a small part of the paper, copy and paste it into the file. Now copy and paste the label mask into the file.. resize it.. Now click on the mask layer in your layers window, it should be highlighted, now right click on it, and choose 'alfa to selection'.. You will see 'marching ants' around the black mask.. Now click on the paper layer in your layers window..Come over and click on the paper layer in your new file window (working window), click on edit, click copy, click edit again, now click paste. Anchor your floating layer in the layers window, you should see the outlines of the mask in your paper.. Now in the layers window, click on the eye beside your paper layer.. Wowser, do you see your new label?? Now all you have to do is Save it.. I like to 'Save as' and give it a name.. This one is 'Old Rose layered label'.. I hope this opens up a whole new world for your scrapping pleasure..

Enjoy your day..